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Learn how to create your Crescendo theme on SFDC Libraries.
Modify the look and feel of your Crescendo: backgrounds, colors, icons, etc.


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Personalize your Crescendo by adding your own background and cover graphic to the app.

Change colors of all labels, buttons and other UI elements within the app.

Choose different icons for your folders, files and bookmarks.


Crescendo App Theme folder

To theme a Crescendo Case, place your visual assets (images, default folder icon, theme.json file, etc) to a special Library named Crescendo App Theme. Crescendo hides this special folder and its contents in the app.

Assets in common Crescendo App Theme library will automatically be applied to every Crescendo Case.

If you are not familiar with Crescendo Case concept, read Set up libraries for Crescendo.


To create Crescendo App Theme library:

  • Open SDFC web interface, go to Libraries tab.
  • Create new library, name it Crescendo App Theme.

Folder-specific Crescendo App Theme library

Folder-specific Crescendo App Theme library contains theming assets specific for a particular Crescendo Case. Those assets have priority over the common Crescendo App Theme assets.

To create the folder-specific theming library:

  • Open SDFC web interface and go to Libraries tab.
  • Create new library, name it Crescendo App Theme (Crescendo Case name).


Background layers

Crescendo background consists of several layers stacked on top of each other. You don't need to define all layers. Instead, define only the layers required to achieve your desired visual design:


Layers in Crescendo with various elements described.


Place following theme asset files in the Crescendo App Theme folder:


Logo Background

Filename: logo@2x.png

Recommended resolution: 200×350 px

The logo image is anchored to the top-center of view and appears on top of all background images.

Filename: background@2x.png

Recommended resolution: 2048×2048 px

The background image is centered for both landscape and portrait orientations.


Top background

Bottom background

Filename: background-top@2x.png

Recommended max width: 2048px

The top background image is anchored to the top-center of view and is optional to the Crescendo theme.

Filename: background-bottom@2x.png

Recommended max width: 2048 px

Similar to the background top image, the background bottom image is anchored to the bottom-center of the view.


If your background, top background or bottom background is not an image but a single color, do not upload an image asset to Crescendo App Theme library. Instead define a color for relevant key: background, headerBackground, footerBackground. This will be explained in detail further in this guide.



Cover is a visual representation of your Crescendo Case on the multi-case view. Your Crescendo Case background becomes the cover by default. You can set a custom cover, different than the background as a static image (.png file) or a short video (.mov or .mp4 file).


iPad with Crescendo in multicase view.


  • Prepare cover image file cover@2x.png (1440×1440 px) or a cover video ( or cover-mov@2x.mp4).
  • Upload the image or video file to the Crescendo App Theme library.
  • Force sync in the app to see the cover changed.


Color Guide

Colors of the constant labels, buttons and other UI elements can be customized by uploading a theme.json file into your Crescendo App Theme library. This file contains keys and color values of specific elements.

  • Create new or download the sample theme.json file, edit color values with any text editor.
  • Save changes and upload theme.json to your Crescendo App Theme library.
  • Force sync in the app to see the colors changed.


iPad with user interface elements and respective JSON key marked.


Structure and keys of the theme.json are explained below. Color names, RGB or Hex code can be used as values.


"colors": {

"tint": "white",


"background": "white",

"cover": "white",

"headerBackground": "white",

"footerBackground": "rgba(0,0,0,0.2)",

"title": "white",

"itemTitle": "white",

"itemTitleBackground": "white",

"sependaLogo": "white",

"syncStatus": "white",

"backButton": "white",

"searchButton": "white",

"favoritesButton": "white",

"settingsButton": "white",

"salesforceButton": "white",

"editOfflineButton": "white",

"shareButton": "#4a4a4a",

"layoutTypeControl": "white",

"listHeaderBackground": "white",

"listHeaderText": "white",

"listHeaderColumnSeparator": "white",

"listItemBackground": "white",

"listItemIcon": "white",

"listFolderDisclosureIndicator": "white",

"listItemColumnSeparator": "white",

"mainStatusBar": "black",

"mainSettingsButton": "#996731",<

"mainSependaLogo": "#996731",

"mainSyncStatus": "#4695a9",

"emptyFolder": "#000000"





← toolbars

← top toolbar





← top folder name

← folder icon text

← folder icon text background


Default Folder Icon

To set a default folder icon, place folder-icon@2x.png (recommended 250×250 px) to your Crescendo App Theme library.



Custom Library and Virtual Folder Icons

To set a custom icon for a specific folder, place foldername@2x.png ( 250×250 px ) file to the App Theme library.

Examples: forms@2x.png (library icon), eLearning@2x.png (virtual folder icon)




You are ready to deploy your own, beautiful Crescendo themes! We recommend to check out your corporate branding guidelines with the marketing team.

When done right, theming makes Crescendo look like a custom presentation or sales enablement platform specifically designed for your company.

Do not hesitate to contact Crescendo support team if you have any questions.

Happy theming!

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