9 Reasons why Personalization is King in Sales

Last update: June 4, 2024

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Whether it’s a new sales rep or a seasoned professional, personalization is often the key bridging the gap to conversion.

That’s because sales is no longer just a numbers game. Leaders should understand that quality is just as (if not more) important as quantity when trying to hit their numbers.
But for more information on what personalization in sales entails, take a look at the section below.


What is personalization in sales?

Personalization in sales refers to the act of tailoring a pitch so it acutely addresses the pain points, needs, and challenges of the customer, all while making them feel appreciated. 

In other words, personalization in sales is all about ditching a generic message for one that does a better job of addressing the specific pain points of the individual or organization. 


Real-life applications

Let’s say a sales manager begins to incorporate personalization techniques in their email marketing campaigns after reading up on some of its benefits. The strategy they come up with is to include the customers’ name in the subject line. 

As a result of the new process, they noticed a 46% increase in their emails’ open rates. This scenario exemplifies how personalization can enhance the sales process without too much extra time invested. 

The example is also backed by data. In fact, research has found that 71% of consumers would change the way they interact with emails if they knew they were personalized. For more information regarding the benefits and how exactly you can incorporate them yourself,  continue reading for 9 reasons why personalization is king in sales.


1. Stand out from the crowd

Did you know that 347 billion marketing emails are expected to be sent daily by the year 2023? 

This means your emails are going to face a lot of competition and a “one size fits all” approach just isn’t going to cut it. Instead of assuming that this should lead to a significant jump in quantity, you should see this statistic and think “how can our email be the one that gets opened”. And thankfully, personalization offers a route you to add quality to your emails so people are more likely to open and read them. 

For tips regarding personalization strategies for higher levels of conversion, take a look at the tips below: 

  • Include the customers’ name in the subject line. (A study found that including a personalized subject line increases the open rate of an email by 41%.) 
  • Send them an offer on their birthday. (Keep in mind this entails creating a customer profile so you know when their birthday is.)
  • Reference their location or the timeof year . (I.e. “Here’s some deals that will make your holiday season a success.”)
  • Triggered emails based on the customer’s journey (A good example is sending a reminder email to a customer’s inbox whenever they still have an item in their cart.) 


2. Adds a human touch (Less robotic)

When you call a customer support line and are met with a robot, it likely causes you to brew with frustration as you punch buttons in an attempt to get a human on the line. Now, why is it that people are so averse to speaking with robots? 

Because it leads the person to feel like their problems aren’t being taken seriously. Which helps explain why adding a human touch is so valuable when trying to build the relationship that leads to a sale. 

People are so used to receiving emails or calls that seem robotic and emotionless that they’ll be pleasantly surprised by a sales method that makes it feel like they’re speaking with an actual person versus an automated machine.


3. Gives the customer added confidence you understand their pain points

At the end of the day, sales is all about throwing enough value in the face of your customers so they’re motivated to buy. 

Your customers are busy people with their own lives, so you must convince them that you thoroughly understand their issues in a short span of time. 

While this is no easy feat, sending a personalized email gives the impression that you’re willing to invest time into the customer. And this is accomplished by actually doing the research and stating a hurdle that’s commonly shared by customers in your specific target audience. 


4. Helps you better understand the company

A natural side effect of personalization is it allows you to learn more about the company you’re marketing to. And by learning about the brand, you’re able to adjust your message accordingly. 

For example, if you’re selling to a tech company filled with young workers that dress casually and have tattoos, that message will look different than the pitch to the formal company with a strict suit and tie dress code. 

So before you type that email or make that call, take the time to thoroughly research the company as well as their message and values. 


5. People want to be entertained and be apart of an experience

The good part of the internet is that it helps you reach whoever it is that you need to reach, and the downside is that you’ve got loads of competition in the form of articles, videos, other salespeople, etc. 

But this is no reason to be intimidated. By learning how to build emails that not only inform but entertain readers, you’ll put customers at ease and will increase the odds of them finishing the message. 

A good strategy is to include a little video that explains your brands’ benefits in a funny way or to even include gifs. Whatever you do end up choosing, just don’t be crude or spend so much time being funny you forget to offer the customer any value.


6. Fewer chances of the customer finding it annoying 

There’s a reason phone anxiety is such a prevalent issue within the world of sales. 

It’s because it’s expected that sooner or later, salespeople will have to interact with someone that doesn’t want to be sold to and won’t be afraid to let them know. 

While there’s always going to be a bad apple that may be rude or standoffish, salespeople will have an easier time getting them to lower their guard by letting customers know that you’ve invested time into each approach. 


7. Does a better job targeting specific audiences 

When you’re selling to a very specific group of people, you’ll need to speak their language to make any real progress. That’s because they know most cold outreach strategies don’t have them or their goals in mind. 

So when you take the time to personalize your message, you’re increasing the chances of that organization responding to set up a call. 

To help you out with this, take the time to visit online forums, watch YouTube videos, and read articles regarding the industries you’re targeting. 


8. More likely to receive repeat business from the customer

Did you know that 79% of customers would only consider a brand that showed that it cared about them?  

This means a side effect of personalization is not only making the sale, but building a lasting relationship with the customer because you showed them they mattered and weren’t just a tool to make a quota. 


9. More money in your pockets

93% of companies with a strategy for personalization experienced growth last year. Which means that while the above reasons are nice, an increase to your ROI is why personalization needs to be part of the foundation of your sales strategy. 

And with so many companies showing growth after using the strategy, the odds are in your favor. 


Last thoughts

Everyone wants to feel important, and personalization can accomplish just that for your customers. As long as you’re doing your research to best understand your customers’ industry, you’ll be well on your way to creating a path to profit for your sales team.


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