Frequently Asked Questions

How is Crescendo different from other Sales Enablement Solutions?

Crescendo is a content delivery tool designed to be simple to use and quick to rollout. It has three distinct features that make it unique:

i) Crescendo works directly on top of your existing cloud storage platform: Sharepoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or Salesforce. Through Crescendo, users access content organized in cloud storage. The content is never migrated.

Any advanced configuration for user management, security and other features of your cloud platform remain active while using Crescendo.

ii) Crescendo offers a simple yet powerful theming engine. Your folders and files, logos and background, colors schemes and icons can all be visually customized easily on the fly.

iii) Crescendo is designed to be a very customizable solution. Our white labeling option allows clients to develop additional functions and features. They can distribute their own version of Crescendo as a brand new corporate app.

How do I upload my content to Crescendo?

Upload new or updated content to designated folders on your Sharepoint, Salesforce, OneDrive, Google Drive or Box. Crescendo will download that content automatically, on behalf of the user.

Your team will have those new documents delivered to their iPads, iPhones and Android devices immediately, without any action required.

Why do I need Sharepoint, OneDrive, GDrive, Box or Salesforce account to use Crescendo?

Those cloud storage solutions are used by Crescendo as a content source.

They also provide user authentication and document access privilege management mechanisms, which Crescendo takes advantage of.

Can my users modify the content I create for them?

No, users will not be able to modify any documents in your cloud storage source via Crescendo.

They can annotate (sign, comment, draw, etc) certain file types, but those annotations are not saved back to the original document.

Can I change logos, backgrounds, colors, icons and other branding elements by myself?

Yes, this is very easy. Prepare branding assets (logos, backgrounds, folder icons, etc) with any graphic design tool, then upload those assets to your cloud source. The branding will automatically be made visible to all your Crescendo users.

Read this guideline to learn more.

Is it possible for Crescendo to be our corporate tool with its own app name, custom icon and visuals?

Yes. A white labeled version of Crescendo will have your own app name, app icon, and customized visuals. It can be deployed as a brand new app to your corporate app store or to the public app store.

Can I add custom features to Crescendo?

Yes. A white labeled version opens up Crescendo to custom development. These custom features include company specific workflows, custom integrations, and industry specific views, among others.

Our team will design, deliver and maintain those features for you.

What types of files does Crescendo support?

Crescendo supports all documents, videos, music, web links and other file types supported by iOS and Android.

That includes .PDF, .DOC, .EPUB, .DOCX, . PPT, .PPTX, .XLS, .XLSX, .Pages, .Keynote, .Numbers, .HTML, .RTF, H.264, MP4, M4V, MOV, .MPEG-4, .M-JPEG, .WAV, .MP3, .MP4, .M4A, .AAC, .AIF, .AIFF, .AC3, .ATDS, .M4R, .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, .PNG and many more!

If a file type is specialized (i.e. CAD files) and not supported by Crescendo, you can still open it from within Crescendo using an external app installed on your device.

Can I integrate Crescendo with Salesforce CRM?

Yes. The out-of-the-box Crescendo includes a Salesforce integration that allows your team to perform several Salesforce processes from within Crescendo.

With a few taps, you can quickly add a Contact, Lead, or Opportunity on the fly. This CRM integration is particularly useful when you’re attending trade shows or conferences. Without skipping a beat, enter details of prospects that you meet.

In addition, Crescendo allows you to share content with your Salesforce contacts or leads and automatically creates an Activity inside Salesforce to document which files have been shared, with whom and when.

If you have other processes within Salesforce that you’d like to embed into Crescendo, it is possible to do with a white labeled version of Crescendo.

Can Crescendo integrate with other CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, HubSpot, etc?

A white labeled Crescendo opens up the capability of developing custom integrations. This allows us to port our Salesforce CRM integration over to the CRM of your choice.

How long does it take to set up and deploy Crescendo to my team?

Crescendo deployment is designed to be fast and requires following steps:

  • Organize your content in the cloud storage, mark folders that should be visible in Crescendo. Grant users access to relevant folders.
  • Add visual assets to make Crescendo elegant and branded.
  • Request licenses for your users.

Users can then download Crescendo from the App Store and log in with their cloud storage credentials. That’s it!

For most of our Clients this process usually takes between one and four weeks. We have clients that have deployed Crescendo to their teams in less than a day!

Does Crescendo provide usage reports and analytics?

Yes. Crescendo Analytics Portal provides access to a number of useful reports to help you understand how your content and the app itself is used.

Examples: Who are your top users? Which documents are shared the most? What are the go-to files that your sales team views?

All reports and filtered activities can be downloaded and opened as a spreadsheet.

Crescendo Analytics Portal comes for free regardless of how many licenses you have purchased.

Can I send Push Notifications to my team in the field?

Yes. The white labeled version of Crescendo includes a free Push Notification service that allows you to broadcast instant messages to your entire team.

You can schedule messages to your team ahead of time and edit message drafts prior to broadcast.

Push notifications are ideal to broadcast information that is quick to digest and important to the recipient. They are up to 10x more reliable than email to be read within 24hrs.

Can I use Crescendo on a laptop or desktop?

Yes. The Crescendo is available for laptops and desktops via web browser.

Can I use Crescendo on Microsoft Surface tablets?

Yes. The Crescendo is available for all devices via web browser, including Surface devices.

Crescendo via web browser, however, can only be used when connected to the internet.

What are the minimum requirements for Crescendo?

iOS – Any iPhone or iPad with iOS 15 or higher.

Android – Any phone or tablet with Android 10 or higher.

Web – Updated versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera browsers.

Is Crescendo GDPR complaint?

Yes. Crescendo is GDPR complaint. Its privacy and data protection is applied to all users; inside and outside of the EU.

How secure is Crescendo?

Crescendo is built from the ground up with corporate security in mind. Crescendo users log directly into SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, or Salesforce through the OAuth 2.0 login protocol. Crescendo never accessed or stores user credentials.

Login allows Crescendo to download data and ensure it is updated directly from your corporate cloud source. Data is never migrated outside of your already vetted storage platform.

For this reason, Crescendo is very secure and IT-friendly.

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