Set up Google Drive folders for Crescendo

Learn how to setup your folders on Google Drive to work with Crescendo. Create a focused, branded iPad experience with Crescendo and your GDrive.


Instruction Video:

This video will walk you trough the setup process step by step. Watching the video is helpful, but not required.



  • Valid Google Drive account
  • Crescendo license
  • iPad/iPhone/Android device with Crescendo installed


Create a Crescendo Case

Crescendo Case is a Google Drive folder that's been marked to be available in Crescendo – with all of its subfolders and content.

You may have many folders in your GDrive account, but only need few of them in Crescendo.


  • Step 1  – Create or pick an existing folder in the root folder of your GDrive (My Drive) .
  • Step 2 – Use [crescendo] as part of your folder description or name. Mark the top-level folder only – its subfolders and content do not need to be marked.

Browser with Google Drive opened. [crescendo] description is being entered.

  • Step 3 – Proceed to copy, move, or create content within the Crescendo Case inside GDrive. Crescendo supports folder hierarchy and Google permissions. Share, invite people, set permissions, copy, rename etc. Organize your files as you see fit!


Share a Crescendo Case

When you share Crescendo Case folder, it keeps the [crescendo] description (or name). Your collaborator(s) don't need to re-mark the folder.

You may share your Crescendo Case folder with reduced access permission level (Can View Only). It allows for viewing and downloading, but not changing or deleting the content.


You are ready!

Your GDrive folders are now set up. Launch Crescendo, login with your Google credentials and your new Crescendo Cases will show up.

When you start Crescendo for the first time, it will sync your Case(s) to the device. It may take up to several minutes to complete the data download, depending on your network performance. Once synced, Crescendo will thereafter only sync new and updated files.


Enforce immediate sync

Crescendo checks for content updates every 15 minutes. Use the pull to refresh gesture in the app to enforce immediate sync. You can also enter the Command Center and tap the Update button.


Next step: Create your own custom Crescendo Theme!

You can modify the look and feel of your Crescendo: the background, colors
of various UI elements, files and folders icons and much more.

Learn how to do it with our Theming Guide.

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