Amazing Showpad alternative

Why teams choose Crescendo as a Showpad alternative?

Uses your existing cloud folders and files as content source.

Extremely quick to roll-out.

Fast and intuitive mobile apps.

Super easy visual customization and branding.

Optional white-label (your app name, your logo, etc).

Custom push notification alerts (new content, custom messages, etc)


Flat 15$ / user / month

Starts from 35$ / user / month

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“This sales app allows us to manage all 25 divisions, users and content at a single source and the users only see the content that is relevant to them. What I like best about the Crescendo platform is that they allow us to brand the app with our corporate and divisional colors and logos.”

Vice President Marketing, Morris Group International

“Fantastic product, easy to manage, perfect for a distributed salesforce. Our salespeople are emailing literature and using our videos as selling tools. It also enhances our reputation as a technically savy organization, and offers a unique sales tool to our independent agents. I love Crescendo.”

VP Marketing, ZSI-Foster

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Crescendo as mobile sales tool running on iPad.

Sales Enablement Content that organizes itself.

Crescendo eliminates one of the biggest problems with Sales Enablement setup – populating the platform with content.

Crescendo works directly with the content stored in your company cloud storage: SharePoint, GDrive, Box, Salesforce and OneDrive.

Reduce the time to deployment of Sales Enablement from weeks to as little as two days!

Crescendo web as a sales enablement tool running on Macbook.

Branded delivery. Present with confidence.

Crescendo can be visually branded with ease. Use a custom app icon and app name to give it your own corporate look and feel.

Develop custom features within Crescendo. For example integrate with your CRM or add a custom workflow.

With Crescendo you can access your content when offline, present with confidence, e-sign and share your documents, and do much more. Your sellers will love how it helps them do their job.

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Single source of truth for all your content.

All your Marketing Collateral in one place

Crescendo is designed to ensure that all your marketing collateral, documents and multimedia files are accessible from a single application. As a Showpad alternative, Crescendo offers similar functionality, but works faster and is easier to use, especially for the less tech savvy.

Your sales team no longer needs to search through their emails, desktop folders or Sharepoint sites. Crescendo is their one-stop-shop for all content.

Your cloud storage folders can be a mediafly alternative

Use your existing Cloud Storage

No file uploads or data migration.

Most sales enablement solutions, like Veelo, BigtinCan and other Showpad alternatives require that you upload content to their servers before it can be distributed to your sales team.

Crescendo takes a different approach. Your content stays in the cloud storage solution that your organization already uses: Sharepoint, Google Drive, Salesforce, OneDrive or Box.

The content curator (usually in Marketing) will simply tag an entire folder structure that should be available in Crescendo and then share it (usually in read only mode) with the content consumers (usually Sales team).

A Sales team will download Crescendo and securely log in with their credentials (Google, Sharepoint, etc) to access those documents. Crescendo does not access logins or passwords.

tag your selected folder

Ultrafast rollout.

Just tag and share your content.

Crescendo relies on your existing Cloud Storage solution as a content source, but also as an authentication and file access management provider. Via Crescendo, users only access files that they have access to in the Cloud Storage platform.

Therefore, rollout is super fast. Just tag and share relevant folders in the cloud storage platform and then have users log into Crescendo.

Compared to other Showpad alternatives like ClearSlide, Mediafly or Bigtincan, where a rollout can take months and usually requires help from an IT department, Crescendo is quicker and gets your team working efficiently much sooner.

mediafly alternatives deliver content immediately

Content delivery and offline access.

Never let your Sales team present outdated content again.

When Crescendo connects to the internet, it regularly checks your cloud storage folders for new or updated files. The changes in content are synchronized and downloaded to the device to stay available to you when there is no internet connectivity. This way, unlike many web-based Showpad alternatives, Crescendo allows you to access content, present, share and annotate your documents both online and offline.

Your Sales team will never use an outdated version of a product catalogue, pricelist or technical documentation again.

mediafly competitor allows to search in pdf content

Ultrafast full text search.

Find the exact phrase inside of your document in an instant

One of the problems with other Showpad alternatives is the limited search functionality. Oftentimes it requires that you manually tag your content with search keywords or phrases. It won’t search for keywords inside your documents and won’t even work when your device is offline.

Crescendo is different. All files are locally indexed on the device. Not only can you find a file name, but you can also find the specific page where the search phase appears. All in a split second!

mediafly alternative analytics

Measure content and app usage.

Analytics metrics you actually need

The important reason to employ a sales enablement solution is to improve content and sales techniques based on metrics. As a Showpad competitor, Crescendo provides content owners with an Analytics module.

Crescendo Analytics provides the most important metrics. It won’t overwhelm you with too many statistics, charts and other data that isn’t relevant. All data can be exported with one click.

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Mobile Sales Teams

Sales professionals who meet prospects and clients on the road use Crescendo as a Showpad alternative. Their content is always available within one app – both online and offline.

The content curators in marketing department effortlessly distribute sales content to the sales teams and monitor how it is used.


Marketing and Content Creation Agencies

Building software in-house isn’t always the best choice. Marketing and creative agencies resell Crescendo to their clients as a sales presentation app and a very cost efficient Showpad alternative.

Crescendo becomes part of their service offering. It’s a win-win scenario.


Educational Institutions and HR Departments

Crescendo is an elegant and reliable tool to present, share content, gather feedback and collaborate on your documents.

It makes Crescendo a perfect fit for many organizations where trainings, presentations and employee onboarding are conducted on a regular basis.

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