The most efficient sales enablement & presentation app.

Beautiful, customizable mobile sales tool that uses content on your Google Drive, Sharepoint, Box, Salesforce or OneDrive.

Logos of selected companies that use Crescendo.

Who needs Crescendo?

Teams that work on the road and need up-to-date access to content at all times.

A mobile workforce that requires a custom look and feel to their collaboration and content presentation tool.

Crescendo as mobile sales tool running on iPad.

How does it help with sales enablement?

Crescendo becomes a beautiful custom branded presentation app for your content. It keeps your files up-to-date in real-time as you modify resources in your company cloud storage solution.

Working both online and offline, and with powerful added features, Crescendo turns into your platform mobile sales app, helping you to plan, present and organize in ways you have never seen before.

Crescendo web as a sales enablement tool running on Macbook.

What do I need to present content with Crescendo?

You need an account in either of these cloud storage solutions:

No 3rd party integration required. It just works!

Step 1

Choose a document folder in your
cloud or corporate system

Step 2

Tag the folder ‘Crescendo’

Step 3

Add branded images and logos

That's it! You've setup a custom presentation app on the iPad.

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Flexibility and ease of use

Simply tag your content as ‘Crescendo’ in your Sharepoint, Box, Salesforce, Google Drive or OneDrive and your tagged items are ready to use in Crescendo. You will never need to migrate your content outside of what you already use. Cloud integration has never been easier!

Security and privacy of your data

Crescendo leverages the advanced security of your vetted cloud system. All of your login data and resources stay secure. Never again export data outside. All permission levels match your cloud storage system so you have full control over what’s accessible and by whom.

Easily created beautiful themes

We’ve prepared hundreds of beautiful themes for the iPad. We’ll build your first custom theme for you for FREE. To create your own themes, place branding icons, logos and other design elements directly into your Crescendo theme folder and you’re ready to go! You can even customize details like folder icons, file icons, page headers, button colors, and much more!

Offline storage control

Ever had a sales meeting where you need important data from your cloud but the internet connection just won’t work? We know that pain. Crescendo automatically downloads your content onto your iPad so if you’re ever in that situation, you’ll still have access to your critical data. You can choose between three offline storage behaviors. Offline storage gives you total data confidence as you enter your meeting.

Real-time updates

With Crescendo’s real-time updates, you can be certain that presentation materials in your mobile sales tool are always up-to-date whenever you need them. From finance to pharma industries, relevant data is extremely important. You’ll never again present an outdated offer, or show inaccurate product information. Crescendo always stays up-to-date and automatically updates your files on the go.

Advanced sales enablement features

Crescendo comes with powerful sales enablement features that allow you to interact directly with your cloud CRM. From annotating of PDFs, sharing files, advanced text search functions, text indexing and more, Crescendo becomes the best mobile sales tool for your teams.

Our clients use Crescendo in a variety of ways!

for mobile sales and marketing teams
for marketing and content creation agencies
for regulated industries: pharma, finance, ...
for Executive Briefings Centers
for educational institutions, professional trainers and HR departments

Collateral Briefcase

for mobile sales and marketing teams

Sales professionals who meet with prospects and clients on the road use Crescendo as their sales enablement platform and a mobile presentation app where all necessary content can be found – both online and offline. Crescendo is elegantly branded. It offers a stunning presentation experience. No matter if you use Crescendo on an iPad, laptop or a smartphone, your documents are at your fingertips.

The content curators in marketing departments effortlessly distribute documents, presentations, videos and any other type of files to the sales teams and monitor how it is used.

Crescendo on iPad as a best app for mobile sales reps.

Digital Solution

for marketing and content creation agencies

Building software in-house isn’t always the best choice. Marketing and creative agencies resell Crescendo to their clients as a digital solution – a professional presentation software and a branded app for sales reps – as part of the service offering. It’s a win-win scenario.

iPad with Crescendo as a mobile presentation app.

Legal & Compliance Document Repository

for regulated industries: pharma, finance, ...

Regulated industries, such as pharma and finance, use Crescendo as a valuable service to avoid litigations and costly compliance fines and help to adhere to Corporate Integrity Agreements. 

Crescendo ensures that legal and compliance documents are accessible immediately and are up-to-date via web portal or an iPad app.

Tablet with Crescendo as document repository for pharma or banking.

Meeting companion

for executive briefings centers

Meeting centers offer their agendas, presentations and accompanying media files electronically via iPad or Web. You appeal to your audience with targeted branding. Content and branding is easily modified from within your Sharepoint, Box, Google Drive or Salesforce to become the Crescendo presentation app displaying an elegant and intuitive design. Spin up a new meeting companion within minutes!

Crescendo as iPad presentation tool for executive briefing centers.

Training and Onboarding tool

for educational institutions, professional trainers and HR departments

Crescendo is elegant and reliable tool to present, share content, gather feedback and collaborate on your documents. It makes this presentation platform a perfect fit for many organizations – both corporate and public – where trainings, presentations and employee onboarding are conducted on regular basis. 

Crescendo as a mobile presentation tool for trainers, lecturers and HR departments.

Branded Content Distribution or Reseller Portal

Crescendo is the simple and practical solution for your content distribution. As an elegant and branded Web or Mobile portal, it provides document access that works on top of your existing Google Drive, Sharepoint, Box, Salesforce or OneDrive. Your clients or colleagues can view and download critical documents, such as sales collateral, marketing presentations or product catalog items, all from one place. No more sending files via email or search for latest download link.

Macbook with Crescendo running as content distribution portal.
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