Sales Acceleration Guide for 2023

Last update: June 4, 2024

Tools for Sales Acceleration

The very nature of sales lies in the fact that whatever targets were achieved in a given year or quarter, they will likely be set higher for the following period. Especially in our light-speed changing times, peppered with wars, oil price spikes, financial crises and dizzying inflation. We all need to sell more to earn more to keep our heads above the water. And this is where sales acceleration methods come into play. What is sales acceleration? What are the methods and tools for accelerating sales? And finally, how can we effectively implement sales acceleration strategies? Find out all this in our sales acceleration guide for 2023!


What is sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration term describes strategies that assist companies in getting potential customers through the sales pipeline more efficiently, i.e. to secure quicker and bigger purchases. Over the last few years, traditional customer prospecting methods have changed dramatically. With technological progress and the prevalence of data and analytics, it does not matter who you know as much as how you act.

Fortunately, nowadays managers do not have to come up with strategies on their own, as they are supported by effective sales acceleration software that provides sales and marketing teams with up-to-date data and information. Such systems and applications aim to increase the speed and relevance of customer conversions. Sales acceleration tools include many different applications and technologies, including business research software, sales-lead databases, and predictive analytics.

It is much more modern approach than the cold calling and prospecting that once reigned supreme, and its capabilities continue to expand. Sales acceleration is the ultimate in boosting sales and marketing performance through the provision of timely, insightful, personalised and actionable information.


What should effective sales acceleration activities look like?

Effective sales acceleration activities should be well-thought-out and developed based on the existing marketing and sales strategies assessment. First of all, you need to decompose all the elements of sales enablement in your company founded on specific information from salespeople and performance reports. Then determine what works and what does not, taking into account market conditions and the characteristics of the end customer. Next, define a specific objective and the various ways of achieving it.

Once you have all this information, you can prepare a detailed action plan for the marketing and sales department within your sales acceleration strategy. Easier said than done, right? Rest assured, you are about to get a three-point formula in a moment!


Three Steps to a Successful Sales Acceleration Strategy

Here are three steps that bring you closer to creating, reviewing and refining a successful sales acceleration strategy. 

Step One: Analysis

The first step in preparing a successful sales acceleration strategy, as with any other, is to carefully analyse your past actions and data. So consider which activities were successful and which were less effective than intended. It will serve as an ideal starting point for future considerations. While tools will help you identify these, be sure not to ignore feedback from colleagues and communicate with your sales and marketing staff. Your team should complement the information you have with hands-on practical insights.

Step two: Strategy

The second step is to identify the specific things that need to be modified or dropped. Accuracy and preciseness are the key here. Leave out the generalities and get down to business. Hence, get together with your colleagues and agree on exactly what you are going to modify and how, then create an action plan in writing with the specific steps of your master plan. It will ensure that everyone knows what to do and when to do it, and give you a baseline to verify progress.

Step Three: Implementation

The final is to deploy your already fine-tuned strategy. However, your work doesn't end there! Just because your strategy is refined now, unfortunately, does not mean it will be in the future. You are facing an endless optimisation process. Therefore, first determine how, when and in what form you will analyse your sales acceleration strategy, and then be prepared to repeat the aforementioned three steps. And do it often!


Sales acceleration solutions

Nowadays, no successful company can do without a sales acceleration strategy. Fortunately, special sales acceleration programs and applications are here to help. Such programmes provide up-to-date data and information aimed at increasing the rate and accuracy of customer conversions. There are many ways in which technology can help accelerate sales, and below are just a few of the most important types of applications available on the market today.


Business research tools

Company research tools are the key to creating a successful sales acceleration strategy! Use them to gather detailed information about individual businesses, including public financial records, assessments and credit ratings, competitor information and court rulings that you can leverage. Comprehensive company data allows salespeople to prepare for customer calls with the latest information about the business and its competition, which you can store successfully in CrescendoApp.

Real-time alerts apps

Being notified automatically of changes, acquisitions, or other important business events is essential to reaching your target customers in a timely manner, so these types of tools are also useful for sales acceleration. 

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics are advanced algorithms that aggregate business and market data and then make detailed predictions about potential customers based on that data. Predictive analytics is another element that is extremely useful in sales acceleration, as it can help identify promising areas and those less prospective and not waste time on the latter.

Communication platforms

Communication is key — regardless of industry or sphere of life. However, it is especially vital when running a business these days! E-mail, online training programmes, web conferencing and chat platforms are a must when running a business, especially if you want to accelerate the sales! So don't let a lack of communication and consistency ruin your well-prepared sales acceleration strategy!

Sales lead databases

Another moment in sales acceleration that CrescendoApp can help you with is the collection and routine verification of business contact information. It assists sales teams in reaching the most qualified leads and eliminate low-quality prospects.

Data visualisation software

Transforming data into eye-pleasing graphics helps marketing and sales teams to assimilate information quickly. With intuitive programs like this, you save time and money on training — such as Tableau! 

Sales enablement platforms

Sales support platforms provide teams with everything they need to improve their work. They are tools with content, guidance and training to boost your team's awareness and working practices. And yes… Again, we recommend CrescendoApp because it's a true all-in-one sales enablement and accelerations solution!


That's all for part one. We hope you found this information useful and are now eager to get to grips with the topic of sales acceleration in your company. We also invite you to read other articles from the world of sales enablement and acceleration on our blog. Have a productive sales acceleration adventure!

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