How sales enablement tools improve sales in the agriculture industry?

Last update: October 24, 2022

Sales Enablement tools boost sales in agriculture


In a world threatened by ecocide, scarcity of drinking water, or food wasted in some parts of the world and scarce in others, modern agriculture plays an extremely important role. Add to this the need to find new ways to grow crops due to climate change-induced unpredictable weather and lack of space, the growing number of plant-based eaters, and the need to invent meat alternatives, and you have one of the leading business sectors over the next decade.

OK, but what does this have to do with sales enablement, you ask? Plenty! Because in this competitive field, still more focused on traditional marketing, clever sales enablement tools that offer the ability to access and store the industry's secrets are at a premium. And you can find out more about how sales enablement solutions help companies in the agricultural industry in today's article! Let's get started!


How are the sales enablement tool used in the agricultural sector?

According to estimates, by 2050, there will be nearly 9 billion people inhabiting the planet and the need to feed them means that agriculture will have to become considerably more innovative, develop new markets, provide more market-oriented services, reduce the need for resources and implement a range of innovations. And this is where effective sales enablement tools, such as CrescendoApp, come into play to help agricultural companies address these difficulties and challenges.

How can a sales enablement tool support the sales operations of an agricultural company? Comprehensively — by identifying development opportunities and working with employees to achieve an excellent sales proposition, staff training, improving their sales capabilities, enabling access to knowledge, ensure that all documents, materials or web-based tools are available from within a single, secure mobile application. The use of mobile sales enablement tools gives you the chance to diagnose and solve sales problems, fine-tune your sales and marketing objectives, and ensure that your staff are equipped with all the tools and materials needed to close the deal with both intermediaries and suppliers in the agricultural industry at hand. And now, let's go into the details using the example of CrescendoApp.


Cloud-based sales enablement solution as a data reservoir for agriculture

The first, and perhaps most significant advantage of cloud-based sales enablement tools is that they are a type of data reservoir for companies operating in the agricultural sector. It is particularly important in this industry because of the diversity of data and the considerable distance between potential customers. Interacting reps and entrepreneurs are often located in different corners of the globe or even places without Internet access. In agriculture field, sales enablement tools are particularly vital on three fundamental levels; promotional materials, training and education, and practical documentation.


Free access to promotional materials

Big agricultural companies often follow a classic organisational structure consisting of district sales managers with regional reps responsible for specific areas. They, in turn, are accountable for sales to wholesalers, shops or big farms. In such businesses, sales are usually made traditionally, for example, using door-to-door marketing. And that is why it is so important to always have access to promotional material, online and offline. In this way, sales reps are prepared for every eventuality and question from potential contractors. They can also gain recognition by showing an interesting video or presentation and access to specific data and information such as price lists or product leaflets without the need to use other applications or programmes.


Free access to educational materials

Qualified employees are the foundation of a successful agricultural company. It is where CrescendoApp comes into play. In what way? Because it is not just a container for promotional material, but can become a veritable compendium of knowledge about the company, its goals, standards and norms. With this clever sales enablement tool, you can store all your business knowledge in the cloud. It may not seem like a big deal, but the on-boarding of every new employee, especially a sales representative, consumes time and money. And doubly at that! First during training, and then when verifying mistakes!

And with an effective sales enablement solution, you can forget about it! Firstly, the on-boarding does not have to be limited to the shortest possible time (you can, for example, record it and upload it to the cloud and not distract another employee from their duties). Secondly, the employee always has access to it. Therefore, a sales enablement solution can drastically reduce the time and money spent on training and, at the same time, improve the working standards, and thus, the results of sales representatives.


Free access to practical materials

The online sales enablement platform offers all your employees’ access to practical materials such as price lists, reports, calculations, contracts, invoices and much more. With CrescendoApp, you can be sure that all your most important company information is always up-to-date, accessible and safe in terms of cybersecurity. And you don't have to use any other IT tools or even be connected to the Internet to use it.


Cloud-based sales enablement solution as a simple way to boost your business operations

The agricultural sector is not one of the most proactive when it comes to online marketing or promotional activities. However, this only means that most companies in this sector miss out on development and growth opportunities. A simple and user-friendly sales enablement tool is the solution to this problem! And preferably one that does not require internet access or computer skills. And this is precisely what CrescendoApp is! The user-friendly interface, simplicity of use, and clear graphics make this sales enablement solution stand out from the competition! This application can be recommended to everyone, even die-hard opponents of technological innovations because it does not make them feel powerless in the face of complex technology.


Cloud-based sales enablement solution as a secure way of storing data

Another important reason why a sales enablement solution can come in handy for your agricultural business is the ability to collect data in a safe and structured manner. And the word "safe" is key here. But we do not refer to the possibility of destroying or losing traditional documents, although this is also true. The main point here is cyber security! For Crescendo leverages the advanced security of your vetted cloud system. Thanks to this, all of your login data and resources stay secure. All permission levels of this sales enablement solution are compatible with the cloud storage system, so you have full control over what is available and to whom. It ensures that all of your, your employees' or contractors' sensitive data remains protected.


Cloud-based sales enablement solution is a must-have for sales reps

The work of agricultural sales professionals involves daily meetings with potential customers, often in remote parts of the globe. Sales representatives most often use Crescendo as a sales support application and mobile presentation tool. With such a tool, all the marketing content they have prepared is always available within a single sales tool, both online and offline. However, the uniqueness of this app does not only consist in the availability of data. Furthermore, representatives can present products and offers inside the app in an elegant way. In this way, they give the impression of being true professionals in their field, which cannot fail to have a positive impact on their results!


How do sales enablement solutions help companies in the agricultural industry?

As a conclusion, we would like to briefly summarise the key points of this article. How do sales enablement solutions help companies in the agricultural industry? Firstly, sales enablement solutions facilitate customer contact and support sales reps in their daily work. Secondly, with the right security features, sales enablement solutions make sure that the stored information is secure and kept in accordance with the law and in an orderly manner. Thirdly, sales enablement tools save time and money in the induction of new employees. And fourthly, they help your agricultural company set put specific standards for the work of your sales representatives and thus increase their efficiency.


That's all for today, and if you're interested in the topic of sales enablement, be sure to visit our blog! A veritable wealth of interesting information awaits you there.

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