How Sales Enablement Helps You Become An Amazing Sales Manager

Last update: January 18, 2022

Sales Enablement Helps Become Amazing Sales Manager - InfographicSales Enablement Helps Become Amazing Sales Manager - InfographicSales Enablement Helps Become Amazing Sales Manager - Infographic


Sales Enablement has helped numerous companies worldwide to boost revenues. Sales Enablement is a combination of tools and strategies that help salespeople to sell more effectively. But there is one key component in sales enablement without which no sales enablement strategy will succeed. And that is—an effective sales manager.

The sales manager is the most critical element in the process. From ensuring the alignment of the sales process with the customer journey to imparting coaching to sales reps, the role of a sales manager is indispensable. It is the sales manager who empowers the sales reps to sell more effectively.

Role of the Sales Manager in Sales Enablement

In a sales enablement strategy, a sales manager performs the following two predominant roles:

Formulating a Comprehensive Sales Management Strategy

A sales manager formulates as well as supports the execution of the overall sales management strategy. He performs various roles, such as assisting in selecting the right sales reps, monitoring the performance of sales reps, motivating sales reps, and delegating the appropriate lead to the right sales rep. He directs his entire function in ensuring that the sales reps perform effectively.

Helping Sales Reps to Become Sales Coaches

Leading and coaching sales reps is one of the core functions of a sales manager. He constantly motivates the sales reps and empowers them to improve their selling skills so that they can sell effectively.

How Sales Enablement Eases the Complexities of the Sales Manager’s Role

The role of a sales manager is complex and demanding. The productivity of the entire sales team depends upon the effectiveness of the sales manager. A sales team led by a bad sales manager will perform badly. The matter is as simple as that.

A sales enablement platform can significantly ease the functioning of a sales manager in a complex business environment. Studies show that companies that have invested in such platforms were able to improve their lead conversion by 11.5%.

The following are the three ways in which sales managers can function effectively in demanding situations:

Establish a Sales Manager Onboarding Program

There needs to be a formal sales manager onboarding program that is structured on the basis of the unique needs of the position. The onboarding program must clearly outline the responsibilities, such as coaching, pipeline management, team leadership, hiring, strategic account guidance, or a combination of those functions. And determine the levels of competencies required in the prospective candidate.

Use Sales Enablement Tools to Get Advantage

Implement a sales enablement platform to track the performance of the sales reps. The platform or tool will help to identify which of the sales reps are delivering and also the ones falling behind. Sales Managers can also use the platform to coach the sales reps to improve their productivity.

Transformation Game Plan for Sales Managers

In the event of your organization undergoing any transformation, such as mergers and acquisitions or new market entry, the sales managers confront intense challenges. They can use a sales enablement platform to effectively coach the sales team to re-orient them to the new strategy.

Things Every Sales Manager Should Know About Sales Enablement

Since sales enablement has become a crucial part of the sales process, there are five essential things every sales manager should know:

It is Not Training or Coaching

Sales enablement is not only about coaching sales reps; it is about everything to empower them to sell effectively.

It Helps to Improve Your Sales Training

With elements, like scalability and pro-activity, sales enablement does away with the inefficiencies associated with the traditional training methods.

Empowers Your Sales Reps

Providing information about the core competencies of their territories and customers, sales enablement strategies empower sales reps to improve their sales pitches and effectiveness.

Helps Align Sales & Marketing

Sales enablement helps sales reps to avoid the hassles of handling large volumes of information by enabling the marketing team to send relevant information to the sales team.

Sales Enablement Fosters Transparency

Sharing all information on the prospects and customers, a sales enablement program can allow all the departments of the company to track the activities of the sales team.

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