Sales Enablement – How it Helps in Maximizing Business Growth

Last update: October 24, 2022

How Sales Enablement Helps In Maximizing Business Growth - InfographicHow Sales Enablement Helps In Maximizing Business Growth - InfographicHow Sales Enablement Helps In Maximizing Business Growth - Infographic Click on the image to view full size


Sales Enablement is one of the latest sales stimulating trends, which is gaining immense popularity among businesses, primarily due to the productive result it entails in terms of pushing up revenues. It is a strategic process of providing salespeople with impactful content, information, and tools to help them sell more effectively, so that leads get converted easily and hence the revenue increases.

The fundamental premise of sales enablement is providing the sales team with appropriate buyer-centric content at the right time so that they clearly understand the buyer’s preferences as well as behavior to strategize in the most impactful way to achieve sales.

To understand the underlying concept, you can regard sales enablement as a process of providing the salespeople with the right content, information, best practices and tools to achieve sales in repetitive ways. And the result is higher revenue generation for the business.

The spontaneous question that arises is: why you should implement sales enablement? And the answer is simple and straightforward—to increase the bottom-line.

How Sales Enablement Boost Sales?

Sales Enablement empowers salespeople to conduct effective sales to boost sales, therefore, enhances revenues. Implementing Sales Enablement helps you to enhance revenue generation by:

  • Aligning the functions of marketing and sales departments by creating effective communication as well as collaboration. When both the teams work together productivity increases and time wastage reduces. The entire performance increases in terms of more lead generation and a better conversation rate.
  • Educating about the preference and behavior of buyers, Sales Enablement helps the salespeople to better strategize their selling tactics.
  • Cutting costs by empowering salespeople to sell more effectively. By focussing on sales efficiency and productivity, Sales Enablement helps salespeople utilize maximum time in actual selling rather than on non-selling tasks.


Implementation of Sales Enablement is a systematic process, which mainly includes in the following steps:

Investment in a Sales Enablement Platform

The foremost step is to procure one of the best sales enablement platforms. You can invest in a sales enablement app like Crescendo, which has all the typical features of an excellent platform.

A typical sales enablement platform aligns several functions, such as business intelligence, sales analytics, content analytics, CRM and other processes to enable salespeople to get the necessary inputs to structure their sale strategies per the buyers’ tastes and needs. They can thus successfully close more and more sales.

Content Management

Secondly, manage the content properly so that the salespeople can access the right content at the right time. Ensure that content in the sales enablement platform is properly tagged. And that will enable the salespeople to easily find the content they look for.

Creating Customized Templates: Provide the sales team with customized templates, with step-by-step processes to create personalized content, which is the key element in engaging buyers during the selling process.


Finally, you need to train the administrators of the sales enablement platform on how to use it. A typical sales enablement platform comes with a host of features that require users to spend a long time learning the usages. The administrators of the platform should master how to create new profiles, update content, create content templates, and so on. They should become experts to ensure the seamless implementation of the platform.


The main benefit of implementing Sales Enablement is the optimization of the marketing and sales teams to substantially increase efficiency as well as productivity. As a result, the sales team will be able to sell more effectively, and hence the revenue will increase. With the implementation of sales enablement, sales reps will be able to achieve their sales targets faster and that will increase their motivation to achieve more. Moreover, sales enablement helps in strengthening the brand reputation as well-informed and proactive sales reps will leave behind a lasting impression on the prospect they interact with. Also, costs of sales and market entry go down substantially to push up the return on investment.

If you are yet to implement sales enablement in your businesses, you might be slowly losing competitiveness. In today’s intensely competitive business environment, businesses across the world are busy in strengthening their sales teams through the sales enablement route not only to maintain their revenue streams but also to push up their earnings. A survey shows that by 2019 around 61% of the global organizations have implemented sales enablement, and achieved success. So, you should not miss it out to escape revenue erosion at least.

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