What sales enablement software your team will need in 2023?

Last update: June 4, 2024

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Anyone interested in b2b marketing, b2b sales, or simply running a sales team knows that, nowadays, the use of sales enablement tools becomes a necessity.

Apart from the constantly intensifying competition, and the development of sales enablement software, one of the main reasons for this is the improved customer awareness. Modern users are better informed than ever before, and they can make up for any lack of knowledge in a flash with the help of their smartphones.

That is why most clients are not keen on traditional sales presentations. They prefer to be involved with the company, know its mission and feel part of the community. That is why any person involved in sales must know what kind of content and techniques to use to achieve all the aforementioned objectives. And that is where the sales enablement software come into play.

Sales Enablement Software

As sales enablement is the activity of providing sales teams with all the content, data, methods and tools they need to sell more effectively and, thus, increase company revenue. We present the must-haves when it comes to sales enablement software, so sit back and prepare yourself a cup of your favourite tea or coffee because we have plenty of useful insights for you.


What does sales enablement software do?

And why is it vital in the modern commercial environment?

Sales Enablement refers to the process of equipping your sales talents with resources they need to close deals and drive sales success. It is a nuanced and complex process that involves many different aspects and data inputs. Sales enablement software serve in two main realms. Practical, offering ready-made solutions and methods of reaching customers, such as pre-made templates for messages or product presentations, and also within the framework of getting to know the expectations and nature of potential customers to use this information when creating effective sales and marketing strategies.

All this is designed to equip salespeople with information they need to increase revenue and maintain relationships with their most promising clients and leads. Due to the complexity of business relationships, the fierce competition on the market and the sheer volume of information needed to achieve these targets, nowadays, probably, no one can efficiently and accurately compile all the necessary data single-handedly. That is why it is crucial to choose the right sales enablement software, as it will provide you with the solutions and support you in analysing the data to create an effective sales strategy that your sales team actually needs.


Types of sales enablement software.

Sales enablement software delivers end-to-end sales content lifecycle visibility, combining business analytics, content, customer experience, gamification, automation, CRM and more to increase the likelihood of generating sales. Implementing the right sales enablement software and tools allows your sales team to analyse the most influential sales strategies and increase overall productivity, as well as cue the type and form of content that best suits your audience.

Among the vital types of sales enablement software that everyone should include in their repertoire, we can name the following: sales content management tools, internal communicators, sales engagement analysis programs that provide sales information, apps and programs for training and video courses, planning, and scheduling sales teams, and CRMs.

The most common types of sales enablement software include:

  • Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, to develop loyal relationships.
  • Sales training and coaching for in-house salespeople.
  • Customer engagement to improve interactions with customers.
  • Content management and analytics to help salespeople find and send relevant files and materials to leads.
  • Customer success and feedback to make ongoing evaluations of implemented sales activities and strategies.
  • Marketing automation to improve and speed up all processes.
  • Market research and assistance in informing sales reps which leads to pursue and which to abandon.
  • Sales management tools – a business discipline that focuses on the practical application of sales techniques and managing a company's sales operations.
  • Team communication and supporting sales team members to collaborate and communicate more effectively.
  • Planning and allocating tasks among individual sales team members.
  • Supporting the collaboration of Human Resources and sales departments to work and interact more efficiently.


What sales enablement software your team will need in 2023?

In on of our posts, we covered our Top 5 sales Tools that you should consider in 2023, and today we will focus on the most interesting examples of sales enablement software that you might not have heard of yet.



Chorus is a conversion intelligence framework that assists sales teams to work more efficiently. It captures the most valuable data and insights from their brainstorms and converts them into text. The useful tool uses automation to record phone and video calls and subsequently transcribes in real-time. Chorus app underpins this with the power of artificial intelligence, which helps to provide data and insights so that, as a result, the next steps can be determined, developing customer relationships and identifying transaction risks.

Among the most significant benefits of this type of sales enablement software, we can mention that transcriptions help sales reps conduct follow-up and training more effectively, save time by focusing on specific snippets of information, and find specific insights easily.



A real no-brainer when it comes to mobile sales enablement software. Crescendo provides up-to-date content to your sales team in real time. It uses Sharepoint, Google Drive, or other cloud storage that you already use as a source of content. You never have to migrate or upload your documents to an external system.

Crescendo is a nifty tool that provides you with end-to-end support for the entire sales content cycle while being straightforward and user-friendly. Packed with effective features such as CRM integration, visual branding engine, analytics module, the app completes the cycle loop between marketing, sales and customers and allows sales teams to track content performance from publication to effect, i.e. sale boost.

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Crescendo provides custom and visually appealing content presentation, real-time timeliness of uploaded content as you modify the resources in your corporate storage system. It allows for the mobility of sales activities, thanks to the option of both online and offline operations. Crescendo helps you plan, present and organise your sales activities easily and effectively. It is a definite must-have among sales support software in 2023!



Bitrix24 is a sales enablement software that contains over 35 tools to support sales and internal company communication. It is built based on an powerful CRM system but, apart from the functions traditionally found in such tools, it contains instruments for salesforce training, automatically records all communication with customers, both telephone and e-mail, and allows for effective assignment of tasks to specific employees followed by simple verification of their completion. A true sales enablement software thirty-five in one! We highly recommend it.



Another useful sales enablement software tool is ClosePlan. It helps sales organisations to optimise the opportunity-to-close process. Within this software, you will find several different tools. For instance, ClosePlan Deal Scorecards assists salespeople in communicating and planning deals more effectively, providing a common language of qualification for the entire team.

ClosePlan Relationship Maps allows you to create organisational charts using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function while ClosePlan Sales Playbooks makes it easier to implement sales strategies by guiding your team through a sequence of best practices based on your chosen sales methodology. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you have a bigger team!



Boomerang is an example of sales enablement software that helps sales teams increase the reach of their e-mail efforts through data analytics. It is designed to provide insight into what makes people open emails and what influences them to read the content. Boomerang monitors response patterns and open rates and automatically re-sends e-mails, after determining the exact time and date at which recipients are most likely to respond. It is a great way to maximise response rates to your mailing campaigns and newsletters.



Albacross is a useful B2B lead generation platform that automatically converts anonymous website visitors into valid and engaged leads. This type of sales enablement software offers the ability to identify and monitor users visiting websites and obtain additional information about unfamiliar businesses. Such information includes company size, revenue, industry, location and contact details. In addition, Albacross integrates with Zapier, which enables access to a lot of different applications, tools and services.


These are all the sales enablement software examples that will benefit your team in 2023! However, do not assume that you are left with nothing more! Aside from our short list, you can find a ton of other useful information from sales enablement tactics and more on our blog! Enjoy!

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Crescendo is a Mobile Sales Enablement tool, designed to ensure that all documents, materials or web-based tools are available from within a single mobile application.

Learn how Crescendo can help your team.

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