Common Technical Questions

This post contains answers to most frequently asked technical or setup questions. If you have a question that is not covered below, please do not hesitate to reach out.

How do I sync Crescendo to make sure it’s up-to-date?

Crescendo automatically communicates with Box/Google Drive/Sharepoint/OneDrive/Salesforce and initiates a sync when you open the app while connected to the internet.

You may also force immediate sync by either of these methods:

  1. Enter the Command Center and tap on the Update button
  2. With two fingers, double-tap anywhere on the screen
  3. Inside the Case, use pull-to-refresh gesture.

When you initiate a force sync, the activity indicator at the bottom of the screen will be triggered.

Read this post to learn more about sync.


I see a message explaining that I don’t have any Crescendo cases after logging in. What do I do?

The appropriate Crescendo folders haven’t been shared with you as a collaborator.  Contact your company Crescendo admin to get support.

If you are responsible for managing the collateral folders, follow folder setup instructions for the document storage platform you use:


Upon login, I receive an error telling me I don’t have a Crescendo license.

The username that you logged into Crescendo with has not been given a license. If a license has been provisioned to you by your company, it’s possible that either the wrong email was licensed or the wrong email* was used to log in.

Contact the Crescendo Admin for your company to confirm the licensed email.

If you do not have a license and just want to try Crescendo, contact us!.

*You can find the email that you logged in with in the Settings panel.


How do I move a file or folder in Crescendo?

File and folder editing is done from within your document storage solution user interface. You’re unable to change the original file or folder from within Crescendo.


Why am I unable to play a video?

You may need to connect to the internet to play a video. By default, Crescendo doesn’t download videos to your iPad, iPhone or an Android device.

You can change default settings and allow Crescendo to download all files, including videos, by selecting the Automatic offline mode option in Settings.


How do I find the Settings button?

Press the Back/Cases button on the top left of the screen for as many times until you get to the Multi-case View. The Settings button is located on the bottom left corner of the screen. It’s a cogwheel icon.


Why don’t I see thumbnail previews for some of my documents?

Crescendo doesn’t generate thumbnails for Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint by default.

You can still create a custom icon for that file.


How do I create a custom icon for a file?

(read Theming Guide to learn more)

Name your icon (250x250px recommended, .png image) filename.extension-icon@2x.png. Place it in the folder where your file resides.  Example:

Filename: presentation.ppt Icon filename: presentation.ppt-icon@2x.png


How do I create custom icon for a folder?

(read Theming Guide to learn more)

Name your icon (250x250px recommended, .png image) icon@2x.png. Place it in your folder.


Can I define different than alphabetical order of my folders and files in Crescendo?

Yes, it is very simple. Read this post to learn how.


How long does it take to complete a sync?

The time it takes to complete a sync depends on the amount of data that needs to be downloaded from Box/Google Drive/Sharepoint/OneDrive/Salesforce and the speed of the internet connection that your device is connected to.

It is usually the first sync that takes the longest as Crescendo downloads all your files. After which, all subsequent syncs will only download new or updated files.

We recommend that on your first sync, or when you expect a large download, you’re connected to a fast and reliable internet connection and that you allow Crescendo to download data uninterrupted.

Read this post to learn more about sync.


I’m unable to email a document from Crescendo.

There is no icon to email your document because there’s no email account configured on your iPad, iPhone or an Android device. Go to settings on your device and set up an email account.

If your corporate email configuration is complex, please contact the appropriate IT personnel for your company for assistance.


I don’t see the Salesforce button in Crescendo.

Sign into Salesforce from within Settings.

If you do not have Connect to Salesforce option visible in Settings, contact us and we'll activate your SFDC integration features.

Read Connect Crescendo with your Salesforce CRM account.


When I annotate a document, is the annotation visible to other persons I’m collaborating with?

No. Annotations on files are local to your device. The original file in your document storage platform isn’t altered.

You can however share the annotated version or part of the document.


Can I share more than one file?

Yes. The Packages button in the bottom left corner allows you to select several files and send them via email as attachments.

Keep track of the total package size. Most email clients don’t allow email attachments that are over 20MB large.


I receive a Sync Failed  error with my Crescendo case.

Crescendo has paused the sync process due to an error it received during connection. The error could be due to loss of network connection, API timeout error, or any other factor outside of Crescendo.

In this scenario, leave the app open because Crescendo will attempt another sync within 45 seconds.


Can I change font for my Case Name on MultiCase view?

No, but you can hide the Case Name and place your text written with any font, size or color directly on the Case Cover image. Read this short article to learn how.


Can I hide the Case Name on MultiCase view?

Yes. Read this short article to learn how.

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