6 Biggest Sales Enablement Challenges & Ways to Tackle Them

Last update: June 4, 2024

Sales enablement strategies help businesses to increase their sales productivity substantially. It is due to the notable advantages, more than 61% of the global companies have already implemented sales enablement, and the number is expected to increase further. Despite the spreading implementation, only 30 percent of the companies have managed to attain their sales enablement goals. It is mainly due to the sales enablement challenges that marketing, as well as sales managers, encounter in the execution of their sales enablement strategies. However, they can overcome the obstacles by using a sales enablement tool.

The following infographic portrays the most popular sales enablement challenges and the corresponding ways in which an efficient Sales Enablement Tool can fix them:


Biggest Sales Enablement Challenges and Ways to Tackle Them - InfographicBiggest Sales Enablement Challenges and Ways to Tackle Them - InfographicBiggest Sales Enablement Challenges and Ways to Tackle Them - Infographic Click on the image to view full size


Challenges do derail marketing and sales managers from attaining their respective sales enablement goals, yet that is not really a very big problem. The key to tackling the challenges is to know their nature and how they might appear during the day and then putting a robust sales enablement tool into action.

Biggest Sales Enablement Challenges

The following are the top sales enablement challenges, and the corresponding ways to tackle them with the aid of a good sales enablement tool:

Salespeople Cannot Quickly Find Relevant Content

Often, you would come across your salespeople fumbling with content in their attempt to locate the right content. It kills their valuable time. As they devote considerable time in finding out the relevant content, they can utilize very little time in actual selling that results in the sales productivity of your business diminishing. To counter the challenge, use a sales enablement tool to store all the relevant content in a central repository so that the sales reps can easily find them.

Understanding the Competitive Landscape is Difficult

Your salespeople might find it difficult to understand the competitive landscape, which is normally complex in nature. To do away with the challenge, make use of the Competitive Intelligence (CI) component that is equipped with your sales enablement tool. Capturing and analyzing market insights, the CI component enables them to understand the competitive landscape easily.

Marketing Team Does Not Know What Content Sales Team Uses

Many times, your marketing team becomes clueless about what content your sales team uses. In such a situation, ask your marketing team to focus on the content-related data generated by your sales enablement tool, such as usage analytics, engagement analytics, and values; so that they can decide on what content to create, update and remove.

New Sales Hires Exhibit Underperformance After Training

Newly hired sales reps often exhibit underperformance after the initial training. Use the coaching feature of your sales enablement tool to sharpen their skills as well as expertise.

Content Creation Becomes Difficult

Your marketing team might find it difficult to create the right content for the sales team. And in such a case, use your sales enablement tool to identify the questions the buyers pose during their buying process. And that will help your marketing team to create the relevant content.

Salespeople Cannot Sell Effectively

Your sales reps might be unable to sell effectively. In such an eventuality, use your sales enablement tool> to align the marketing and sales teams to focus on the specific needs of buyers and, at the same time, coach them with the right selling techniques with the help of your sales enablement tool.


Flawless implementation of sales enablement guarantees success, mainly in terms of boosting revenue by increasing sales productivity. Given the advantages, implementation of sales enablement is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competitors.

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