Connect Crescendo with Salesforce

When you have an interesting conversation with a client or lead, it may be useful to log details into your Salesforce without the need for a separate CRM app.

Crescendo allows you to perform number of actions in your Salesforce CRM directly from the app. Those include:

  • Create SFDC Lead, Contact or Opportunity.
  • Share documents with your existing or new SFDC Contact or Lead via email and automatically log an Activity in SFDC.


Notice: Actions described below can't be performed when offline and require your iPad, iPhone or an Android device to have active internet connection.


Connect Crescendo with your SFDC account.

Connecting Crescendo with a Salesforce account is a one-time, necessary step to perform any SFDC action from within Crescendo App.


1. Launch Crescendo and tap the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the multi-case view. Or from within a case, tap the “Cases" or "Back” button in the upper left corner until you exit to the multi-case view.


Tap gear icon



2. Tap "Connect with Salesforce".


Tap "Connect with Salesforce".



3. Enter your SFDC credentials and 2nd authentication factor. Grant required permissions.


Salesforce login screen with credentials entered in.



Crescendo>= is now connected with your Salesforce account.


Create SFDC Lead, Contact or Opportunity.

Once connected with Salesforce, you will notice Salesforce button in the bottom left corner of a case view.


1. Tap the Salesforce button and choose one of the three options: New Lead, New Opportunity or New Contact.


White iPad with Crescendo running and Salesforce menu opened.


2. Fill relevant SFDC fields. Tap Done and your Lead, Contact or Opportunity will be saved to Salesforce.


Lead creation screen with new lead data entered.



Share a document with your SFDC Contact or Lead

Prerequisite: You need at least one active email account configured on your iPad, iPhone or an Android device. Go to your device Settings | Accounts & Passwords to verify and configure your mail account(s).

Alternatively start the Mail app. If no email account is configured, the Mail app will start the email configuration wizard.


iPad settings screen with email accounts section opened.



Follow the steps below to share a document with your Salesforce Contact or Lead:

1. Start Crescendo and open the document you want to share with your SFDC Contact or Lead. Tap the Share button in the menu bar.


Document opened in Crescendo. Mail to contact from Salesforce button visible.


2. Tap "Mail to Contact from Salesforce" icon.

Notice: Neither "Mail" nor "Mail to Contact from Salesforce" icon will not be visible until at least one email account is configured on the iPad, iPhone or an Android device.


3. Find your contact or lead by typing at least 3 characters in the search box and hitting Search.

You can switch between Leads and Contacts by tapping on the tab bar in the upper part of the search screen.

You can also add new Contact or Lead by tapping the Add button in the top right corner and filling out the form.

Once found or created, tap your Lead or Contact in the search results table.


Contact or Lead search panel is visible in Crescendo. Add button highlighted.


3. A Compose Message window will launch with your document attached. Proceed to edit the subject and/or body of the email if necessary. Send the email when complete.


iPad with email auto-composed using Crescendo Salesforce share button.


4. Once sent, new Activity will automatically be logged in Salesforce for your Lead or Contact.



Activity created from within Crescendo is highlighted on Activity SFDC screen.



More integration

Congratulations, you can now perform basic Salesforce actions directly from within Crescendo!

If your team needs custom actions or workflows or if you need to integrate with a different CRM, let us know!

We are happy to tailor your Crescendo to the needs or your organization with our whitelabeling service.

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