Crescendo Quickstart Guide

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Welcome to the Crescendo Quickstart Guide.

You’ve just registered a Crescendo license. What do you do next?  This article gives you a quick start to using Crescendo.


Note: These instructions are tailored to first time Crescendo users who have started their Crescendo trial


Download Crescendo to your iPad or iPhone

Upon registration, an email will be sent to you with a link to download Crescendo.  Tap this link from your iPad or iPhone and install Crescendo onto your device.

Check your spam folder if the Crescendo email isn't in your inbox.

iPad with AppStore opened. Download button pointed with red arrow.


Log in

Launch the app and choose the Cloud Storage Platform that you'd like to use as document source for Crescendo.

A native platform login screen will be displayed i.e. if you choose Sharepoint, you'll be redirected to Sharepoint login screen. Enter your credentials. Crescendo uses your Cloud Storage Platform as an identity provider and does not require any additional logins or passwords.

iPad with Crescendo login screen visible.


Explore Crescendo

When you first launch the app, a default Demo Case will be displayed to you.

Tap a file to launch it, tap a folder to open it.

Tap Start Here! to open a document that walks you through few very basic Crescendo functions: Search, Favorites, Sharing.

Tap x to close the document, tap <Back to return to the parent folder.

Tap Content examples and launch different types of files.

Crescendo is very intuitive and all functions are easy to understand. Happy exploring!

iPad with Crescendo Demo case opened.


Try Crescendo with your own content

So far, you've tried Crescendo with a static Demo Case just to get familiar with the user interface and a few basic functions. It may be a good time to try Crescendo with your own content.

Crescendo uses documents stored in the Cloud Storage Platform on behalf of the user.

Of all the documents you have access to in your cloud storage, you probably only need for a few of those folders to be visible in Crescendo. Just mark those selected folders to be used with Crescendo (we call those folders Crescendo Cases). Crescendo will only pull and display those folders in the app.

Please follow the instructions specific to your Cloud Storage provider to push your content to Crescendo:


Force immediate sync
Crescendo automatically performs an update check to see if there’s been any change with your documents on the cloud. Check the Command Center to ensure your content is up-to-date.  Crescendo informs you with a timestamp of when the last sync was completed.

iPad with Crescendo Command Center opened and update button highlighted.

If you just uploaded content and want to force a sync immediately, tap the Update button inside the Command Center. You can also force a sync with the pull-to-refresh gesture.

iPhone with Crescendo Demo case opened. Pull-to-refresh gesture is being presented.

Share Crescendo Case(s) with your collaborators

When you create your own Crescendo Case, you may want to make it available to others, eg. the sales team members.

Share your Crescendo Case folder(s) using your Cloud Storage Platform sharing mechanism. Crescendo never modifies data in the Cloud Storage, so view only access is sufficient.

When your collaborator logs in to Crescendo, the app will notice that there is a new folder available and that it is a Crescendo folder. Your collaborator do not need to mark that folder for Crescendo again. This folder will be displayed in your collaborator's Crescendo.

From that point any files or folders that you upload to your Crescendo Case folder, will automatically be available for your collaborators on their iPads or iPhones.


Add theming

Once your content is already in Crescendo, you may want to add your company branding. Crescendo allows you to completely modify backgrounds, logos, colors, icons etc. This way your files and folders become an elegant, branded presentation tool.

iPads with various Crescendo themes.
Theming is very easy and relies on naming conventions. Create your assets (logos, background, icons, etc), name them according to the naming convention and place them in your Cloud Storage like any other content. Crescendo will pull those files, recognize them as branding assets, and change how the app looks.

More importantly, your collaborators will also pull those branding assets automatically, so your Crescendo Case will change its branding on their iPads too.

Read our Theming Guide to learn how to change theming of your Crescendo Case.



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Crescendo App Team.

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