Crescendo White labeling Guidelines

There are required assets, and some optional assets, used to customize your white labeled app. Listed below are those assets examples with dimensions.

Both of which are explained below. Submit these assets to the Crescendo App team.


Note: Separate assets can be used for small screens (iPhones) and large screens (iPads), if relevant to the design.


Required assets:

1. App Name

Although not an asset, the app name is a made of one or two words and is required to begin the white labeling process.

We ensure that the App Name is not too long for the iPhone/iPad home screen. We also check that the name is unique to the Apple App Store.


2.  iTunes Artwork [2048 x 2048]

This asset is used as the App Icon on the home screen and is submitted to the App Store as the official App Icon. Do not round the corners of the asset.


3. General App Background(s) [3072 x 3072]

This asset(s) is used in four different locations of Crescendo:

  • Login Screen
  • Theme background
  • Main background
  • Case cover (if none is specified)

Each location can use separate image, if relevant.


Optional assets:

4. Cover image [1440 x 1440]

The image of a Case from the multi-case view.  This asset is typically the same as the Case background, however, there is the option to use a different image.


5.  Default Logo [300px height]

When a brand new case is created and there is no theming applied to it, the default logo is used as a placeholder logo for the Case.


6.  Default Folder icon [200 x 200]

Where no theming is applied on a folder inside a case, the default folder icon design is applied.


7. Login screen Bottom image [any size]

An image can be anchored to the center of the Login Screen above the cloud storage source to connect with. This image has been used to display a message to users or implement further designs to the login screen.


8.  Login screen Top image [any size within 400 x 400]

This is typically the same image as the app icon logo. It is placed above the Login screen Bottom image.


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