Top Sales Enablement Jobs in 2023

Last update: June 4, 2024

Sales enablement jobs are on the rise


The market for sales support work is enormous. New opportunities and positions are appearing every day. The sector is growing at a dizzying pace, and the future holds no surprises in this matter, so there will be more and more new positions and investments. What sales enablement jobs do you have to choose from? What are the requirements and responsibilities for specific positions? And what are the prospects for the future? Learn more on those topics from this post. Let's get started!

What is sales enablement?

Before we move on to a market report related to sales enablement jobs, let's briefly touch on what sales enablement is as this will be a good introduction to the career opportunities and choices. Sales enablement is a process that uses modern online platforms to provide sales teams with resources such as tools, training, educational and knowledge materials, marketing materials or product information to increase the effectiveness of selling products or services.

Sales enablement is based on facilitating collaboration between marketing, HR and sales departments. Thus, as you can see, the topic is not only broad but also very diverse in terms of spheres of activity. This creates enormous opportunities for growth and the creation of new sales enablement jobs.


What do sales enablement jobs consist of?

Due to the diversity of the subject of sales enablement itself, sales enablement jobs are also quite diverse in terms of their characteristics, requirements and responsibilities. Sales enablement jobs may relate to sales or sales operations, education and development, marketing or even human resources and information technology. Despite their specialisation, people in this industry are required to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and expertise. Their responsibilities can range from soft skills and fostering relationships between marketing and sales departments to the operations involved in implementing a sales enablement platform.

Sales enablement jobs are held at every level of the company's hierarchy and can be based on a consultancy basis, for instance, you may be a freelance specialist who supports the team in plotting goals in terms of sales support, but also employee training. A sales enablement professional can liaise with sales departments to improve the buyer journey and experience, as well as just analyse the results of advertising campaigns. Job opportunities in this segment are abundant, and the scope of responsibilities strongly depends on the determination and skills of the specific sales enablement professional. Let us, therefore, move on to a description of specific sales enablement jobs available today.


What sales enablement jobs are currently in-demand?

There are plenty of career paths in sales enablement. There is something for social butterflies who find common ground with everyone, and for the down-to-earth, for whom analysis and facts are the love language. Programming and IT experts will also find work, as will the all-rounders who will be most successful in this diverse sector. There are quite a few options, so let us focus today only on the most popular and promising professions. What sales enablement jobs are currently most needed?


Sales Enablement Analyst

An analyst is one of the most promising and demanding sales enablement jobs, which requires thorough preparation and certain aptitudes.

What does a Sales Enablement Analyst do?

A sales support analyst is a responsible job, which usually involves coveting and managing large and complex data collections. The goal of the person who chooses to start their career in this profession would be to pinpoint the best possible opportunities to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sales based on databases. A sales enablement analyst focuses on researching and analysing market and sales data, from which they extract and formulate crucial insights for companies. Such a person is most often supported by sales enablement platforms, CRM or BI, which allow optimised reporting and are valuable for decision-making and conclusions by sales analysts.

Who will be suitable for the role of Sales Enablement Analyst?

The first position to be considered is sales enablement analyst. This is one of the sales enablement jobs that requires a certain brain composition and predispositions. Such a job is best suited to people who are thorough and enjoy working to a clearly defined set of rules but are also able to show a degree of flexibility and ingenuity when the circumstances demand it.


Sales Enablement Manager

Sales enablement manager is by far the most demanding but also the best-paid profession. Such a person must demonstrate a range of both soft and hard skills and be quick in decision-making.


What does a Sales Enablement Manager do?

The main objective of a sales enablement manager is to achieve an increase in sales performance and the productivity of sales, marketing and HR staff. The sales enablement manager of sales development is responsible for providing sales representatives with knowledge of basic sales tactics and interpersonal skills, creating sales training content, as well as planning the implementation of product and service ideas and introducing them to customers. Thus, they must possess both theoretical knowledge, for instance, of online marketing and a hands-on understanding of human behaviour coupled with an analytical mind.

Who will do well in the role of Sales Enablement Manager?

The profession of sales enablement manager involves many responsibilities and requirements. The person in this position must be a born leader who can make accurate decisions quickly, and use sales enablement software fluently for their purposes. Yet that is not all. A good sales enablement manager should also be able to communicate with the team and be creative when it comes to the development of new sales strategies. A sales enablement manager combines several positions in one. No wonder, then, that it is one of the sales enablement jobs with the greatest growth potential.


Sales Training and Enablement Manager

The last of the most in-demand sales enablement jobs today is the so-called Sales Training and Enablement Manager, who is responsible for training and creating a company culture.

What does a Sales Training and Enablement Manager do?

The Sales Training and Enablement Manager is responsible for everything related to training, work organisation and the induction of new employees into sales positions. A manager of this type should be familiar with sales enablement software and have a thorough understanding of the sales process. Based on the results, they should be able to optimise the training material and develop work standards for everyone involved in sales.

Who will work well in the role of Sales Training and Enablement Manager?

Anyone who can train and work with people and boasts a thorough knowledge of marketing and sales will do well as a Sales Training and Enablement Manager. It is a highly important position in any major company because it helps to create a culture and working standards for salespeople. The quality of the Sales Training and Enablement Manager's work has a direct impact on the performance of the sales reps and, therefore, on the company's revenue, so they need to be experienced in sales enablement and are unlikely to be suitable for entry-level staff.


Sales Enablement Jobs – summary

Sales Enablement is a realm that is constantly expanding and improving. That is why sales enablement jobs are, more and more, in demand, and individual positions are so well-paid. Sales enablement jobs are not only challenging but also rewarding because they offer the opportunity for continuous development and the use of skills from different spheres and disciplines at the same time. Therefore, we strongly recommend taking a closer look at the individual sales enablement jobs and choosing the one that best suits your preferences. It will be worth wile.

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