What is the Sales Enablement Society?

Last update: June 4, 2024

Have you ever heard of a sales support society? Maybe you've heard of it, but aren't sure what it is and what is it involved in? Or perhaps you considered joining this organisation, but are still hesitant?

Fortunately, anyone experiencing any of the above will find this post useful! We'll cover everything about the Sales Enablement Society, membership, events and the benefits of participation. So, without further ado, let's get started!


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What is Sales Enablement Society?

The Sales Enablement Society (SES) – is the world's biggest non-profit association of sales enablement professionals, bringing together sales enablement practitioners, analysts, researchers and partners. Participants share craft secrets and enhance their professional qualifications.

Founded in 2016, it has grown to 10,000+ members worldwide, with an average of 100-150 new member sign-ups per month. SES operates in both the online and local spheres. It is dedicated to raising standards and developing the profession to ensure that both companies and individuals can thrive. And how to do that? By harnessing the potential of collective thought and experience and openly sharing it with a global community of entrepreneurs and experts.


What is the mission of the Sales Enablement Society?

The Sales Enablement Society pursues its mission to assist and connect experts to management and marketers. The organization strives to bring the best of the industry together to consolidate and collaborate. Its members wish to motivate their people to expand each other's knowledge and skills. For it is the development of the individual and the community that is the most important part of the SES mission.

Another is the so-called sharing economy, which means sharing and learning from each other. Inclusivity is yet, another vital element of the organization's work. What does this mean in this case? Anyone can speak out in the Sales Enablement Society, regardless of skin colour, nationality or gender. As you can read on the Sales Enablement Society website: "we listen to all points of view from all people"! It is this openness and curiosity about the world, and opinions that made SES the largest society of its kind in the world today. Since it is through collaboration, knowledge sharing, openness and dialogue that the current world of sales and business.


How does the Sales Enablement Society pursue its mission?

The main task of all members of the Sales Enablement Society is to provide a platform for views exchange and open discussion with mutual respect. This, combined with the active education of members and the organisation to develop and adapt to new needs, is one of the main objectives of the organisation.

The Sales Enablement Society is also dedicated to researching to develop our members and accelerate the sales enablement process. It is responsible for developing the field of Sales Enablement through feedback from customers, members, analysts, partners and academics. However, it does not only operate on communication and academic level. Apart from this, their role is also to provide resources and career development opportunities for individual members?


What educational opportunities does the Sales Enablement Society offer?

The activities of the Sales Enablement Society are multi-level and comprehensive. As we have already said, their mission is to open up a dialogue between academics and industry practitioners. To achieve that, it organises various events, both online and offline. Among those in the online sphere, we can distinguish, first of all, a special area called Discussion, available on the website. It is a place familiar to long-time Internet users, namely a forum where everyone can share their doubts and observations. It is a magnificent tool for developing one's abilities and looking for solutions to their problems.

Yet, if you do not feel like talking in a public forum, one can join one of the Sales Enablement Society groups, collaborate and get to know specific people from one's sector. Besides the discussion forum, the Sales Enablement Society also offers many opportunities for personal development. It periodically organises various events, such as a series of webinars in the field of Sales Enablement. With these practical and user-friendly online courses and lectures, you can brush up on all areas of the field.

For those who prefer listening to visual learning, the Sales Enablement Society has many podcasts on marketing, sales and sales enablement. And what do experts find in the Sales Enablement Society's offer? They are allowed to share the secrets of their knowledge, for example at periodically organised trade fairs and regular or online events.


Sales Enablement Society webinar series

Besides an open forum for discussion, the Sales Enablement Society has also created a series of practical webinars on the latest trends and challenges that the sales enablement sector is facing. It is a terrific initiative, because although everyone has access to knowledge in the Internet age, not everyone has the time or inclination to traverse the labyrinths of the Internet for reliable sources.

And while the concept and practice of sales enablement is growing in popularity, many businesses fail to clearly define or adequately grasp it. That is why one of the main tasks of the Sales Enablement Society is to spread verified information. To this end, the organisation has brought together some of the industry's most knowledgeable professionals to share their experiences, discuss challenges and explore any relevant topics for audiences.

Their latest topics include, for instance, "The Real Value of AI for Sales Enablement: How AI Can Impact Your Practice Right Now and your Future SE Strategies," featuring Sergey Medved, Head of Product, ClearSlide and Victor Antonio, Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker, Sellinger Group, or "Beyond the Basics of Virtual Selling: How to Stand and Deliver in the Most Critical Selling Moments," featuring Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

You can find news about upcoming events like this by signing up for the Sales Enablement Society newsletter, posts on LinkedIn and announcements on SESociety.org. If you are eager to learn more about sales enablement, then, by all means, it's something for you!


Sales Enablement Society ENABLEship program

Besides its efforts to promote sales enablement education, the Sales Enablement Society has also developed a sustainable program to find, train and place underrepresented candidates in senior-level positions called the ENABLEship program. The Sales Enablement field, like many other fields, ought to invest, teach and mentor our historically underrepresented members of society to drive equality of opportunity and access to employment.

And by extension, to identify the best professional talent regardless of such secondary factors like age or gender. It aims to democratise opportunity via learning and mentorship. It is, therefore, an extraordinary opportunity to acquire not only knowledge but also practical experience and, in the long run, to establish a successful career in the field.

What does the programme offer? Through it, the Sales Enablement Society provides job seekers who are underrepresented in the labour market with the technical skills and qualifications to start a career in the field of capacity building. The programme is divided into three main stages during which applicants gain practical knowledge and experience.

It begins with a structured educational pathway to gain key knowledge and skills in a particular area. The second stage involves work placements or direct employment in an entry-level position. Whereas the third consists of ongoing mentorship. It provides opportunities for continuous learning and access to a networking community even after completing a full-time internship. The Sales Enablement Society plans to invest $22 million to increase salaries and provide employment to 1,100 job candidates over the next three years.


How do I become a member of the Sales Enablement Society?

Membership of the Sales Enablement Society is open to both private individuals and businesses. The first step to do this is to go directly to the Registration link at the top right corner of the navigation bar and become an official member of the Sales Enablement Society.

Registration involves completing a short questionnaire with your details and information about your company or job role. Once you have registered, you can find and join your local chapter, or browse the existing groups on the platform and join the ones that seem most relevant to you. Then you can search for answers to your most pressing questions, find out about upcoming events and participate in them.


How do I become a Sales Enablement Society partner?

The Sales Enablement Society has created the world's largest network of sales enablement professionals and has seen unprecedented growth in popularity year by year. The global SES network is an engaged and inclusive community of practitioners, analysts and academics who are committed to supporting each other professionally through discussion.

Through corporate partnerships, the Sales Enablement Society can provide a global forum where members can develop and exchange ideas.

Would you like your company to become an SES partner? Just fill in the form, describe why you want to be associated with this community and wait for a response.


We sincerely hope you've discovered something valuable about the Sales Enablement Society and will use it to further your education and career! And if you still can't get enough sales enablement info, feel free to check out our blog.

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