How to Share Content Using Google Groups

Learn how to share Crescendo content more efficiently using Google Groups.

Sharing Content Using Google Groups

Google Groups has a number of practical applications that greatly improve communication and collaboration. One that is particularly important for Crescendo content owners is the ability to share files and folders with members of the group at once, rather than sharing with each user individually.

Groups are commonly used in organizations, but they can also be created, managed, and used by private Gmail account holders. Any Google Group can have both private and organizational Google users as members.


Use Case Example

Let's assume that we have following Crescendo content folders (Cases):

  • Event Marketing
  • Sales Briefcase
  • Contract Templates

We also have two teams or departments with different content needs:

  • Event Team (43 users) needs access to Event Marketing and Contract Templates folders
  • Sales Team (103 users) needs access to Sales Briefcase and Contract Templates folders

Rather than sharing each of the three folders with dozens of individual emails, let's do the following:

  • Create Event Team and Sales Team groups
  • Add users to respective groups
  • Share
    * Event Marketing folder with Event Team group
    * Sales Briefcase folder with Sales Team group
    * Contract Templates folder with both Sales Team and Event Team groups

That's it! All users now have access to the folders they need. When a new user joins the team, simply add him/her to the group and they will get access to all necessary content in Crescendo. If a user leaves the team, simply remove them from the group. It's that simple!

Let's take a look at this process screen by screen!


Step by step guide

Step 1.

Go to Google Groups and create a new group.

Enter a group name (Event Team) and an email address that will uniquely identify your group in the Google ecosystem.

If your account is part of the organization, choose if your Group email should use organization's domain or the public domain.

Step 2.

Choose privacy settings for your Group. In this example we'll use the group for sharing content only, but not as a message board or an email distribution list. We therefore limit users ability to send email to group address or view conversations.

Step 3.

Add users to your group. They can be any Google users either from your organization (Joe), another Google organization (Adam) or an individual gmail users (Jane).

You can also add group managers & owners.

Users can always be added or removed later via Group admin panel.


Step 4.

Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 to create Sales Team group.

Step 5.

Go back to Google Drive. Share your folders with groups.

Type in group emails i.e. to share folders:

* Event Marketing folder with Event Team group,
* Sales Briefcase folder with Sales Team group and
* Contract Templates folder with both Event Team and Sales Team groups



Your groups are now set up and content folders have been shared with users via Groups.

When a user logs in to Crescendo, the relevant content will automatically show up in the app.

As new users join the team or existing users leave, just add/remove them from your Groups using Google Groups panel. No need to share or unshare the particular content folder directly.

If you have any questions, just contact us anytime. We're real humans, no chatbots or virtual assistants!

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