Link to an iOS application from Crescendo

Linking to a website URL from within Crescendo is easy. Simply create a link file (such as .url or .webloc) directly in your cloud storage or upload one from your laptop.

When tapped in Crescendo, this link file will open the specified URL, allowing you to interact with the site and return to Crescendo when finished.


Universal Links and Deep Linking

Sometimes it may be useful to link to a specific native application installed on your device, rather than a website. With Universal Links, a protocol introduced in iOS 9, it's now possible to deep link to specific parts or functions of an app. However, not all third-party apps support this protocol, although most modern apps and all native Apple products do.

For example you may want to:

  • display particular calendar in your Calendar app
  • open a Camera app in a particular mode
  • open Wifi preferences in your Settings app
  • open your Phone or Messages app with particular number entered
  • and much, much more…


How to set it up.

Suppose you want to create a link file that opens a new text message to a given number using your Messages app. Here are the steps:

  • Create a text file with a name (such as "text support") and a .url extension.
  • Find the correct app URL. We recommend reading this article, using Google, or ChatGPT to find the relevant app URL. In this example, our URL is simple: sms://555-123-4567.
  • The content of the .url file should look like this:
  • Save file and upload it to your cloud storage.
  • Sync Crescendo and tap on a newly created link file.

Voila! The Messages app should open with a new text message to the specified number.

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